About Us

Regalo's world class products make gifting and recognition, an unforgettable experience. Our unyielding emphasis on quality, throughout the life-cycle of the product, ensures our products, while trendy, are also reliable and durable.

Regalo's Trophies, Awards, Shields, Medals, Cups, Mementos, Plaques, Gifts, Novelties, Souvenirs, Giveaways, Lapel Pins, Badges, Ties, Specialized Stationeries, Collar, Gravel, Arm Bands, Batons, Clocks and Club Materials, are used by numerous International and National Organisations. We also have the license for the merchandise of Rotary International, U.S.A., Indian Jaycee, Round Table India, Ladies Circle India, Toast Master Club and other associated Clubs.

Regalo has won numerous awards for benchmarking processes in the industry.

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